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  • Tomorrowland Week 2

    26 Jul - 28 Jul 2024
    • It is fine to book only the bus journey through us if you have bought a Tomorrowland festival ticket on your own.

      We can sometimes sell some Tomorrowland tickets, you can see this by choosing your departure point. Then we always show if there are available festival tickets.

    • On this page, you book trips to Tomorrowland Week 2
    • If you want to travel to Tomorrowland in week 1, book the trip here: TML – Week 1 can be booked here!


    Tomorrowland is the most magical festival you will ever experience! It’s a music festival that puts you at the center of all the best that electronic music has to offer.

    At Tomorrowland you will experience some of the biggest names in electronic music, such as Armin van Buuren, David Guetta and Martin Garrix. There are several stages with different music genres to choose from, so you can find your favorite and dance the night away.

    But it’s not just the music that makes Tomorrowland so special. The festival also offers a unique experience with fantastic scenography, light show, pyrotechnics and lots of food and drink. You will be able to experience a magical atmosphere, meet new people from all over the world and create memories for a lifetime.

    Traveling with the festival bus is easy, you choose your departure point and book your trip. You can find bus tickets and travel documents by logging into our “my pages” on our website and printing them out. You get login automatically when you order your trip.

    Our travel packages include:
    * Bus journey from selected location (one-way or T/R)
    * Full Madness pass (must be added to your order)
    * DreamVille Friendship Garden (included in the festival ticket on our site)

    In addition to this, you can add extra camping gear and pitched tents, you will see more about this further down this page and in the booking.
    Tickets bought but not paid for will be released on the website on an ongoing basis, so if we have sold out, it might be a good idea to take an extra look a little later.


    All relevant information gällande våra resor till Tomorrowland
     Hur laddar jag min mobil på Tomorrowland?

    På DreamVille, Tomorrowlands camping, kan du hyra ett powerbank. Du byter ut till en ny när den är tom.

     Kan man boka Tomorrowland festivalbiljetter utan bussresa?

    Nej, vi som travel partner till Tomorrowland får bara sälja kompletta resepaket med buss och festivalbiljett. Vår "Festivalbiljett" som vi säljer inkluderar alltid Full Madness Pass (festival) och DreamVille Friendship Garden (camping)

     Köpa Tomorrowland Ad-on produkter

    Your visitors can purchase the products in the add-on sale by themselves via the Tomorrowland website, no need to have a bracelet ID.


    Det krävs inget armband-ID för att köpa till Ad-on produkter på via ditt Tomorrowland account.. 

     Vad är DreamVille?

    DreamVille är Tomorrowlands egna festivalcamping. 

     Kan jag köpa bara festivalbiljetten?

    Festivalbiljetter säljs endast tillsammans med bussresa

     Är det säkert att köpa en resa genom festivalbussen?

    Ja, vi är officiell partner med Tomorrrowland sedan 2012

     När får jag min festivalbiljett?

    Ni kommer få era festivalbiljetter av våra reseledare under bussresan

     Kan jag köpa biljetter genom festivalbussen innan den 3:e Februari 2024?

    Vi som resepartner med Tomorrowland får inte släppa biljetter tidigare än den 3:e Februrari 2024. 
    Vi planerar att släppa biljetterna kl 17.00 förra året (2023) sålde alla biljetterna slut på en timma..  

     Hur många biljetter kan jag köpa?

    Ni kan boka upp till 10 biljetter per bokning, tänk på att biljetterna är personliga med dom namn ni anger vid bokningen.

     Behöver alla mina vänner boka på samma beställning?

    Nej, ni behöver inte boka på samma beställning

     Hur gör jag för att få bo tillsammans med mina vänner på Friendship Garden?

    Vi kommer ta in anmälningar närmare sommaren så ni kan bo tillsammans med era vänner på samma 10×10 meters campingplats.



    Res mes oss till Tomorrowland.

    The festival bus is the Official travel partner with Tomorrowland (since 2012).

    All festival tickets sold via the Festival bus include:

    * Full Madness Pass (Festival ticket Friday-Sunday)
    * DreamVille Friendship Garden (Camping, Thursday- Monday)
    * Access to the Gathering (Pre-party at the campsite on Thursday)

    Select the number of people and departure point to start planning your trip. Remember to choose the travel package that suits you, double check your shopping basket so you have added a Tomorrowland Festival ticket to your booking before completing your booking.

    When you buy entrance tickets through us on the Festival bus, it always includes the Full Madness Pass (to the festival) and Camping at DreamVIlle Friendship Garden.



    A travel package can, for example, consist of bus travel + festival ticket and the items below, choose for yourself whether we will set up a tent for you or whether you will pick up the tent on the bus yourself. Prices and availability are presented when booking.

    * Bus trip (Mandatory)
    * Festival ticket. Full Madness Pass (max 1 per person)
    * Rental tent
    * Sleeping bag/bed
    * Camping chair
    * Set up camp


    * Tomorrowland Full Madness.
    * Access to Friendship Garden.
    * 10 people share 10×10 meters.
    * 1 pitched Tomorrowland party tent to share per 10x10m area.
    * Access to The Gathering and Marketplace.
    * It is only permitted to book one ticket per person.

    Reserved Camping – The festival bus will have its own camp, where everyone from our buses lives together. You will meet a lot of nice people on the bus as we all live together during the weekend. When we arrive with the bus, we will go to our campsite together and our guides will show you our area.

    Price information, Tomorrowland Week 1: 855 €

    • Tomorrowland, Full Madnesspass – 332 €
    • Dreamville Friendship Garden – 145 €
      • Reserved camping area (10 x 10 meter)
    • Bus trip and personalization – 299 €
    • Service fee, VAT, and personalization 50 €
    • Cancellation insurance 29 €
    • Optional services 
    • Rental tents, 1-4 persons, 99-208 €
    • Festival chair 18 €
    • Sunglasses 5 €



    You can find information about DreamVille here: Information about DreamVille

    You can find information about FriendShip Garden here: Information about Friendship Garden

    Bus journey only?

    It is perfectly possible to book only the bus journey with us. You do this by selecting the departure point and then clicking on “show departures”. Remember that you will not have access to our campsites if you do not book the festival ticket through us.

    Outbound trip:

    We will drive so that we arrive at Tomorrowland on Thursday at lunchtime. It will be a long journey, we have planned stops along the way, exact locations depend a bit on where you get on the bus. There will be a stop at Boardershop either in store or on the Rödby-Puttarden ferry.

    Return trip:

    The home journey time is estimated to Monday 29nd July 2024 at approx. 11.00, i.e. the time when the bus leaves, count at least 1 hour to get to the departure point for the bus. We leave the campsite together with the tour guides at 09.00.


    If you want to book entrance tickets or options such as camping chairs/tents and other camping equipment, this takes place in step 2 of the booking, you can clearly see in the shopping basket what has been selected for your booking. An active choice by you is required to add options to your order. You can also choose a package in step 1 where a Tomorrowland festival is offered. It is also possible to order options afterwards by contacting us.